Good news, bad news

Good news, bad news

I haven’t posted much about Marrakesh because I haven’t heard much about Marrakesh. His vet is good about calling me with updates when something has occurred. I don’t call the clinic daily; it’s better for my peace of mind to wait for an update.

On Sunday morning, the vet called me with some good news. The systemic infection that’s been plaguing Marrakesh seems to be on its way out. He’s more active, the fibrin has cleared from his eyes, and incidents of diarrhea are infrequent and much less watery than they were before. I was really glad to hear all of this!

Unfortunately, the clinic staff noticed that Marrakesh was lame on his right hind on Sunday morning. After a physical examination and x-rays, his vet determined that the right hock had become infected. An injection of antibiotics was administered directly into the hock. The vet hopes that this early, aggressive intervention will lead to a positive outcome.

Hopefully he’ll go back to doing this eventually!

Joint infection has been a fear since the get-go. It’s pretty bad news: some foals with joint infections die and some live to have irreversible damage and incurable arthritic change. Early treatment is the key to success, and I’m grateful to the vigilant vet clinic staff for noticing something was wrong and acting quickly.

I’m worried and sad and disappointed. I’m also really grateful for my friends, my family, and the equestrian blogging community.Ā  Everyone’s been very supportive and overwhelmingly kind. I hope my next update will be full of good news.

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