G’s New Digs

Over the weekend, I moved G to her new stable. It’s a nice place, close to my house, and full of happy-looking geldings. (For reference, it’s the first barn I went to see in Barn Search 2011.)

G is a funny horse. When I unloaded her from the trailer at the new place, she took a look around while I removed her shipping boots. Two geldings in a nearby paddock were losing their minds, whinnying and trotting around with their tails up in the air. Gina eyed them disdainfully and started to graze. I led her to her paddock, where there were a couple of flakes of good grass hay and plenty of grass waiting. She didn’t bat an eye at the other horses and got down to the very important business of eating.
I spent about an hour there unloading her feed and my tack and generally making sure she didn’t do anything crazy. She didn’t. She just ate. Took a poop. Ate some more. Just call her the Ice Horse. 
“Does this mean you aren’t mad about the jumping anymore?”

Author: Stephanie

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