Happy birthday Gina!


Today is Gina’s 19th birthday! It’s hard to believe this lovely, majestical creature is that old.

I don’t know much about Gina’s early life; she was bred in New Mexico, sold to a sporthorse breeder in Oklahoma as a two year old, had a couple of beautiful foals, then bounced between hunter barns in Tulsa for a few years before I bought her from a therapeutic riding center to which she’d been donated. Who taught Gina about dressage? Why is she so weird about jumps in an arena? What possessed someone to name herΒ Kimberly K? (Ugh.) Who thought she’d make a good therapy horse? (So many lolz.)

It ultimately doesn’t matter that these mysteries will never be solved. Gina and I have been a team for nearly five (!) years, and our partnership is better than ever. I’m looking forward to celebrating more of Gina’s birthdays- I hope she lives for another 19 years! (She probably will, out of spite.)


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22 thoughts on “Happy birthday Gina!”

  1. Kimberly K. HA! We have an, um, big bodied mare in our mare we have nicknamed Kim K. How’d you get to Gina?! I guess I need to whip my papers out and check my guys’ birthdays after seeing all these birthday posts!
    Happy Birthday, Gina, DAHLING! (Or should I say Lady Mary…)

    1. Gina came with the name! A previous owner registered her with USEF as ‘Imagine That’, which is where I’m guessing ‘Gina’ derives from. I use Imagine That as her show name because Kimberly K is just too awful.

      She’s usually called “Gina”, “Eugene”, or “Eugenia” at the barn. (Or sometimes just “you hateful old bag”…)

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