Happy birthday, Gina!

Today, Gina turns 20 years old! To celebrate, I’m feeding her an apple and not riding her. I would put a party hat on her, but I’m pretty sure she’d spook at it.

Anyway, here’s a look at some of my favorite Gina moments over the years:

That time Gina jumped a real jump. 
That time Gina went to a combined test and someone tried to eliminate us for going too fast on baby green XC.
That time Gina attended my wedding.
That time Gina got an 8 on her gaits in a dressage test.
That time Gina was the GCC Schooling Show Champion of Intro Level lolz
That time Gina took up foxhunting.
That time Gina taught Johnny how to ride.

Gina’s a pretty good horse, despite all of my complaints about her inability to tie, grumpy attitude, and unpredictable spookiness. I don’t know that Gina will see 20 more birthdays, but I also won’t be surprised if she hangs on out of spite. Happy birthday, big bay mare!

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