Happy birthday Gina!

Gina officially turned 18 on January 1, as all Thoroughbreds do, but today is her actual date of birth.
I think Gina’s doing pretty well for 18. She’s accomplished many things in her life and continues to be a sound, healthy horse. I know many people are afraid of senior horses- after all, as horses age, they sometimes become harder keepers, develop health problems, or require more maintenance than their younger counterparts. 
Gina, however, is currently balling out of her mind. My perspective on senior horses has changed thanks to Gina (and Moe), who, at age 18, is infinitely better than she was at age 14 (when I acquired her). 
Happy birthday, Big G!

Author: Stephanie

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20 thoughts on “Happy birthday Gina!”

  1. I agree with your opinion on older horses. Mollie turned 18 a couple weeks ago and is in the best shape (physically and mentally) of her life so far. No slowing down for that lady, and it doesn't look like Gina is either!

  2. I would so rather the horse I have at 18 than the one I had at 8! These awesome seniors are going to make it hard for me to ever want a baby horse! (..you know.. anything under ten.)

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