Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us here at Hand Gallop! I celebrated with pizza and board games with friends last night, and I’m kicking off 2018 by sitting in my heated house and planning out the competition year because it’s 18° F outside.

Tentatively, I’ve got seven dressage schooling shows planned for Candy. She’ll move up to Training Level this year. I’ve put a couple of combined tests on my calendar as well, though those are dependent on if Candy can overcome her jumping phobia. She’ll go on more foxhunts, of course- I’m aiming to log at least another 25 TRRIP hours this year!

I’d like to get at least four dressage schooling shows done with Moe this year (and maybe one rated show). He responded well to EPM treatment and is doing well with his lesson kids. My goal is to have him in shape for a schooling show at First Level in March. I’d also like to get him out on the trails and earn a 25-hour TRRIP patch on him.

Gina’s due to foal in late April; until then, she’ll continue to be ridden once or twice a week by lesson kids and Johnny as long as she seems comfortable and balanced. She’s starting to look larger, but still seems to be moving with her usual grace. Everything looked great at her last vet check, and she’ll go back in February for another dose of Pneumabort. I will probably send her to the vet to foal out, as she’s due right around the time I leave for Rolex. I’d like to have baby weaned and Gina back in shape for the fall hunting season, but we’ll see how it goes.

I’m excited for a busy and fun year with my trusty (well, two trusty and one neurotic) steeds and can’t wait for the new addition to the herd to arrive!

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  1. So glad Moe told EPM who’s boss! Sounds like you have a great plan for the new year, and I’m super excited for that April or May blog post….

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