Help me with helmets!

After my fall at the hunter pace, I decided to replace my Ovation schooling helmet. I whacked my head hard enough to have a headache for the rest of the day; I figure replacing a helmet is much cheaper than paying for a traumatic brain injury! I have a velvet-like Ovation helmet I’ve been using for shows that’s never endured a fall and still has another few years left on it- I’ve been riding in it since I fell. But I need a second helmet- I’ll probably demote the Ovation to schooling helmet and buy a new show helmet.
There are two things I like to do at work when I need a quick mental break. The first is sitting in various dressage saddles and trying to imagine what they would be like while riding. The other is trying on helmets in a vain effort to find one that flatters my head. Now that I have a reason to be looking for helmets, I’ve been trying them on with increased zeal.
I need your advice! Which helmet looks the best and makes me look least weird?
They’re all roughly equivalent in comfort and fit (although I think the Ayr8 is a little small- but I can certainly acquire one in the right size). Personally, I think the One K and IRH look the best on me; something about the CO helmets just looks weird (although I really like the profile on them). 
What do y’all think? 

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