Highway star


The floodgates have opened now that work’s sent me to HIPICO Santa Fe; I guess they figure if I’m willing to travel 650+ miles to Santa Fe, I’m willing to go anywhere!

I’ll be on the road again a few more times this year if anyone wants to meet up. Here’s where I’m headed:

  • September 7-11: USDF Region 4 Championships in Mason City, Iowa
  • September 26-October 3: Dressage at Devon (yes, I really am going this year- I’ve booked my flight!)
  • October 6-9: USDF Region 9 Championships in Katy, Texas (somewhat tentative)

The first two are definite. Region 9 is somewhat tentative, as work isn’t totally sure if the big mobile unit is going. (I’m usually with the small one.) At any rate, if you’ll be at Region 4 or Dressage at Devon and want to say hello, let me know. I’ve also got several complimentary admission tickets for Devon; let me know if you’d like one!

Author: Stephanie

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14 thoughts on “Highway star”

  1. Your job is so awesome!
    Horses, travel and you’re able to get a true hands on feel of so many brands etc

    I hope you have a fab time at all events and get to meet loads of awesome peeps

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