Holiday gift exchange

When Tracy of Printable Pony posted that she was hosting the equestrian blogger holiday gift exchange again, I was excited! I love participating in the the gift exchange and have received some really great things over the years; I also like having the opportunity to get to know new-to-me bloggers and shopping for fellow horse lovers.

This year, I received a package of delightful items from Megan at Go Big or Go Home! She’s someone I’ve followed for a long time on Instagram, and I’m glad to have added her to blog list, too!

She sent me four adorable bridle charms, a bag of horse cookies, and some extremely cozy Mukluk slippers! The slippers have been on my feet non-stop this week, since Johnny’s been keeping it a cool 59 degrees in our house.

Just look at these bridle charms! All of the horses have a bridle tag with their name on it (so the lesson children won’t cram Moe’s tiny bridle onto Gina’s normal-sized head), but I’m definitely going to add these. I think Moe deserves the button (since he’s cute as a button), while Candy ought to wear the (hare because she’s jumpy and fast).

Thanks for the stellar gifts, Megan, and thanks to Tracy for hosting the exchange again!

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    1. Haha, it’s not my favorite temperature! We wanted to see how long we could go without turning on the heat in the house- we did a similar thing in the spring to see how long we could go without air conditioning!

    1. We have propane out here, so we get the tanks (one for the house, one for the generator) filled annually. I always cringe when I see the bill! I’m hoping that the tanks won’t be QUITE so empty this spring!

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