Home again, home again

I am en route back to Oklahoma today after my two-week slog of horse shows! It’s been really fun; Devon was such a cool experience (and I got to meet Alli, Emma, and Austen!), and I loved seeing friends from the dressage club (plus JenJ!) at Region 9 Championships in Houston. I’m grateful to have such a cool job. All the same, I’m looking forward to seeing my horses (do I even remember how to ride?), husband, cats and dogs, as well as cooking my own meals again!

Sunset at the Great Southwest Equestrian Center

The excitement doesn’t stop when I get home!

Opening hunt is looming; Gina has been staying in shape thanks to some of the braver barn rats who were willing to take her on conditioning sets while I was gone. There’s a cub hunt this Saturday that I’d like to attend, but my mom is coming out for a visit, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go. (I have tried to convince my mother she could totally ride Gina, but she doesn’t believe me.) I’ve got to get Gina clipped sometime, too.

Next weekend is the Irish Setter Club of Greater Tulsa’s annual hunt test. I volunteered at this a couple of years ago, if you can call riding a gaited horse around for a few hours volunteering. (Best volunteer job ever!) I’m planning to volunteer again on Sunday, as Saturday is opening hunt for Harvard Fox Hounds.

And, finally, somewhere in here Johnny and I need to finish moving into our new house! (You’re all invited to the housewarming party. There will be miniature horses.) It’ll be busy, but at least it will be busyness of my own choosing!

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