Horse Camp

This isn’t a blog challenge post, but I thought I’d share a little of what I’ve been doing this week in hopes it might bring a few laughs to your day! The therapeutic riding center where I work hosts an able-bodied day camp for a week during the summer. Somehow, they’ve decided to put me (mostly) in charge of it, which is both amazing and terrifying.

Here are some highlights of the week so far:

  • The fattest, slowest therapy horse in the barn transformed into a super forward hunter type once he had a bit in his mouth. Seriously, y’all, I can’t persuade this horse to trot to save his life when he has a special needs rider on his back, but stick an able-bodied kid on him and turn him loose and it’s like he’s aiming for the Maclay! (Hilarious, because he’s a fat pinto horse; not hilarious because he terrifies the children.)
  • One of the boys in my group is ten years old and knows all the words to “Don’t Stop Believin'”. He also asked me if I was “letting [my] hair go” and if Johnny was looking forward to the cake tasting part of wedding planning. ???
  • While swimming, the kids latched onto me in the pool, demanding I tow them around like a train. It doesn’t matter how often I nearly drown; they are intent to continuing the train.
  • You can teach kids how to bridle a horse a hundred times; this is totally irrelevant unless they can actually reach the horse’s head.
  • No matter how many times you tell a child “Brutus doesn’t need any more hay; he’ll get some with his dinner,” Brutus will get at least six times more hay than usual. 

I am having so much fun with summer camp, despite some of the weirdness and mishaps! Have y’all ever done a summer camp? Love it? Hate it?

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4 thoughts on “Horse Camp”

  1. Oh, gosh. I did a summer camp while staying with my dad in CA one summer looong ago and it was one of the worst experiences ever. Nothing like having small children forming separate gangs and you getting to be both the counselor and somehow also that gang lord of both cliquish groups. Small children. Not a fan.

    I did LOL at the swimming comment!

  2. Here's a tip: If the kids spend the night and refuse to shower, have a shaving cream fight. It doesn't get them clean, but they smell a hell of a lot better.

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