Horse Decor

Like nearly everyone else, I’ve been spending a lot more time in my house than at the barn thanks to a dreadful winter. I recently put some of that time to good use and finally put up my equestrian gallery wall! Collecting pictures, prints, paintings, and other items from around the house to hang made me realize just how much horse and equestrian-inspired things we’ve got around here:

Horse throw rescued from my former boss’s Goodwill pile on the
sofa in the living room.
Asian-inspired horse statuette, meaningful ribbons, and the only trophy I’ve ever
won displayed in the living room.
Horse throw pillow from Target on the bed.
Fox coasters purchased at a charity auction.
The gallery wall, which includes vintage Thoroughbred prints and an autographed
2000 Olympic Eventing team picture.
Competition picture and blown glass horse from Pier 1 on the mantle.
Fox throw pillow from Target on a chair in the living room.
A very silly horse wine bottle holder picked up at a charity auction.
(Complete with empty bottle of 14 Hands wine.)
Stained glass horse head, made by the grandfather of a rider at the therapeutic center
where I taught.
Snaffle bit napkin rings, received as a Christmas gift from one of Johnny’s aunts.

There are several other horse related items I don’t have pictures of: a piece of Native American pottery with a horse on it, a jewelry box with a metal-stamped plate with a horse on it, a horse-shaped box for small items, Tervis tumblers with horses on them, old riding boots by the fireplace…I’m afraid I’m venturing into crazy horse lady territory!
I’d love to see what equine-inspired items you decorate with, if any! And I’m always on the hunt for ways to display ribbons!

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    1. I think Johnny would be happier if our house included more pop-surreal-modern and less equine. (Especially less mink oil on the kitchen counters kind of equine.)

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