While I’m not sure Dessa Hockley’s Is Your Horse A Rock Star? will be added to my collection of horse books, I had a great time taking the horse personality quiz on behalf of Moe and Gina.



Moe is an SECF- The GoddessIf a Goddess horse has found his way into your barn, you are lucky. If you are wise as well, you will not let him leave.

Traits of the Goddess Horse:

  • Liked by both people and other horses
  • They love to please and try hard
  • Enjoy travel and new experiences
  • Suffer if left on their own without attention
  • Good at many disciplines

I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description of sweet Moe! He gets on well with most horses, and people enjoy riding him and being around him (even his lesson kid that he continually bucks off). He absolutely loves traveling, exploring new places, and experiencing new things. He’s confident without being obnoxious and often leads the way through trail rides or around scary objects. And Moe certainly suffers when he isn’t receiving the amount of attention he feels he deserves.



Gina is an SEAF- The People PleaserSEAFs have a million questions and they over-analyze everything. Insecurities abound in their lives.

Traits of the People Pleaser:

  • Frequently misunderstood
  • Afraid of many things
  • Find change stressful
  • Do not need variety/exciting challenges
  • Desires to be bossy and controlling even though they’re submissive
  • Not actually looking for a job, but would probably like dressage

I would never in a million years describe Gina as a “people pleaser”; she is a workmanlike and competent horse who always appears to think of the relationship between herself and humans as an exchange of goods (food) and services (riding). However, as I read the detailed description of this type of horse, I realized it’s a fairly accurate description of Gina. She doesn’t enjoy change. She’s afraid of lots of weird stuff. She does not need more excitement in her life. The line that really sold me was “desires to be bossy and controlling even though they’re submissive”, though. Gina is exactly like this- if she’s turned out in a group of 3-4 horses, she will stress herself out trying to be the alpha mare, even though she doesn’t really know how to be one. She’s much happier hanging out with one other horse who she can dominate easily (like Moe).

I don’t think I gained any super insights into my horses’ behaviors or personalities from this quiz, but it was interesting to read the results!