Horse Show Fever

While the drywall guy is here patching the holes in our walls, I’ve been feverishly planning a show season for Moe. Oklahoma is something of an english riding desert, but the Tulsa area is a little oasis. The biggest group of riders here is the hunter/jumper crowd, followed by the dressage people, and eventers are a distant third.

Nevertheless, I’ve been scouring the websites of the OK Combined Training Association, the Greater Oklahoma Hunter Jumper Association, and Green Country Dressage to find opportunities to get Moe out and about.

Moe doesn’t really need mileage, but he could probably use a few low-level tune ups before tackling a legit, recognized event. (Who am I kidding- Moe doesn’t need a tune up nearly as much as I do.)

Here’s what I’ve come up with:

  • April 5: Green Country Dressage schooling show
  • April 24-25: John Staples XC clinic
  • May 3: Harvard Fox Hounds hunter pace
  • June 15: Woodlands Equestrian Center eventing derby
Now, I probably won’t be able to hitch a ride to all of these shows, so I should probably get a little more motivated about selling my horse trailer and finding one that our truck can handle. (And seriously, when will I be hauling 3 horses again? Not anytime soon.) I’m also waffling on the hunter pace, as it conflicts with the Kentucky Derby. We’ve hosted and co-hosted a super fun Derby party for the last three years, and I’d hate to miss it. I’m hoping to request an early start time so I can be back for Derby fun. (Plus, some of my Derby party guests might be my hunter pace teammates!)
There’s also a the slight problem of funding for these endeavors; I’ve applied for a part time job, picked up a house sitting gig for a friend, and have a horse to exercise for someone, so here’s hoping I’ll have some free money. 
Now, if I have to miss out on some of these shows, I can at least console myself by auditing the George Morris clinic April 11-13 at KJM Equestrian in Tulsa. It’s not every day hunter/jumper Jesus comes to town, is it?

Spring fever has arrived!

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