Horses as characters: Gina is Lady Mary

Austen of Guinness on Tap kicked off an unofficial blog hop of horses as characters last week.  It is totally obvious to me that Gina is Lady Mary of Downton Abbey. They’re both beautiful, clever, and kind of mean. And Gina’s mare glare is basically Lady Mary’s eye roll.

When I suggest we go for a ride:

When I’m trying to convince her to get in the trailer:

When I’m feeling optimistic about jumping her:

When I tell Gina she did a great job:

When I tell Gina we’ve still got another test to ride:

When I try to make her happier or more comfortable by changing her bit/bridle/saddle/saddle pad:

When she feels good after time off and new shoes:

I mean, they’re basically the same person.

Author: Stephanie

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27 thoughts on “Horses as characters: Gina is Lady Mary”

  1. These GIFs are amaaaaaaazing! I don’t watch Downton, but my parents are obsessed. Thank you for placing these GIFs in my life 🙂

  2. HAHAHA OMG YES. Those gifs are just PERFECT. I think the actress who plays Mary must have taken lessons from Gina.

    1. While I was watching the show, I kept thinking that some of Mary’s expressions mirrored Gina’s, but when I started Googling “Lady Mary reaction GIFs” I was floored (in a hilarious way) about how similar some of them are LOLZ

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