Horsey Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and it always has been. It’s the day after my birthday; as a youngster, that meant cake and presents one day and candy galore the next. (Somehow, I never had a birthday/Halloween double-party.) I’ve always enjoyed dressing up and having fun with the spooky holiday.

This year, I didn’t dress up (my zombie costume that saw me through college is a little too bloody for a therapeutic riding center), but I arrived at work early to get a jump on decorating the horses!
Fancy as a Dalmatian.

Sledge as a cowboy.

Honey as a giraffe.

Wolfman as one of Santa’s reindeer. (With his decorator, Sarah!)

Kloe as a skeleton.

King as a (grumpy) cowboy.
Speck as a patriotic pony.

The paint on the Honey and Kloe is kids’ finger paint; Fancy has face paint on. The two pintos at work were Indian war ponies and had red and yellow finger paint on their coats. The white finger paint and face paint washed off without much difficulty; poor Jake and Cherokee are still sporting red circles around their eyes and yellow hand prints on their rumps! 

Did anyone else decorate their horse for Halloween? Any suggestions on costumes for next year?

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