Hot Hot Heat

I spent last week on a blissfully cool vacation in Ouray, Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Unfortunately, this meant I wasn’t riding Moe. As I’m toying with the idea of taking him to a schooling horse trial later this month, I should probably ride him or something.

The lowest temperature predicted this week is 99. The highest is 111. I have yet to fully commit myself to getting up at 5 AM and riding when it’s a chilly 90 degrees, so my options are ride after work (when it’s 111), or limit riding to weekend mornings. Ugh.

New plan is to force myself out of bed and out of the house by 5 AM. While I’m not worried about Moe’s ability to scoot around a beginner novice XC course, I am a little worried about how he’ll cope with the heat if he isn’t properly conditioned. So, so long sleeping in until 5:45 AM. See you in the fall.

Author: Stephanie

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