Hunters vs. Eventers


I knew there were some basic differences between hunters and eventers; I’ve been an eventer for a long time, and I took a brief detour in college to ride hunters. Spending two weeks at an H/J show has really shown me some serious contrasts, though…

Hunters: “Do you have any Perfect Prep/Quietex/B-Kalm??”
Eventers: “Do you have any electrolytes?!”


Hunters: “Oh my god, this black belt has black crystals on it! I’m going to be such a rebel wearing it.”
Eventers: “Neon yellow and purple totally go together!” 


Hunters: “I’m going to have to really push him down that line because I don’t want to add!”
Eventers: “I think this is four strides…?”


Hunters: “That wine and cheese competitors’ party last night was so fun!”
Eventers: “Ugh, I had way too much beer last night. Oh god, did I dance on the table??”

Hunters: “Do you have any black rubber bands? Ponykins has one braid out of place that I just can’t get to behave!”
Eventers: “Are taped braids still in style?”


Hunters: “The announcer said there’s an hour until my pre-green hunter class, so I’d better get on.”
Eventers: “Let’s see, I was supposed to ride my dressage test at 8:37 AM, but I think they’re running twenty minutes behind. Who am I kidding, they’re always running twenty minutes behind.”

Anything you’d add? 😉

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18 thoughts on “Hunters vs. Eventers”

  1. Hahaha! I definitely don’t miss the hunter world! I think deep down I want to be an eventer, but I’m slightly afraid of fences that don’t come down.

    My trainer and one of her students are down there at the Go! series this week. One of these days Chloe and I might be ready for a real show…. 🙂

    1. I find the fences that don’t come down kind of comforting, at least when they’re not any higher than 3’6 or so. (This is probably because Moe knocks a lot of rails in SJ lolz)

  2. I laughed way too hard at this.

    Hunter: Oh my God, look at the fences for the derby, they have brush and everything!
    Eventer: Is that a fence? It might just be a fallen tree. Get out the course map, let’s make sure.

    Hunter: I was so happy with how relaxed and focused my horse was.
    Eventer: I almost got bucked off in the warmup but he tore around the course like his hair was on fire, it was awesome!

  3. I assume the same is true for eventers… when I switched to dressage things went from an intense, dire, daily need and deep desire for hairnets to a complete and total lack thereof.

  4. I have actually had that first conversation getting morning feed ready for a show at the same time as a bunch of hunter riders at my barn in PA.

    1. I am currently amazed that anyone at this show needs a calming agent, because it’s 100 degrees with like a million percent humidity in here, and the horses have been longed for at least an hour.

  5. haha! If I gave Tucker a calming agent or got on over an hour before my class we’d never make it around our first course! He’d probably sleep for a week! lol. But I agree, the majority of hunterland is a wacky alternate universe.

  6. bwahahaha this is awesome!!! also – since we’re obviously making generalizations (and i love all the h/j bloggers out there – no hating!!), there’s also the
    hunter: {stony game-faced silence toward all other competitors}
    eventer: good luck and have a great trip! how’s the ground holding up?

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