Hunting at Flint Creek

I’d been looking forward to hunting all week long, and I hopped out of bed bright and early Saturday morning to feed the horses and hook up the trailer. It was very cool out, and I anticipated a good day of sport.

I swapped Gina’s medium weight blanket for a fleece cooler, loaded her in the trailer, and made good time out to Flint Creek Farm. She munched hay quietly at the trailer while I split a bottle of port with some friends, put on my field boots, and tacked her up.

The hunt set off in a different direction than usual; instead of heading northeast on the property, we started out riding west and casting the hounds along rocky shore of Flint Creek. The pack moved off into a densely forested area almost immediately, and worked a line up steep hills and into the open meadow at the top. The hounds stayed busy all morning; the field stayed at a brisk trot most of the day, but there were a few stretches of cantering and a few coops to jump crossing from one field to the next.

The area we hunted on Saturday is outlined in red. The star is the trailer parking area. HFH hunts an area to the north of this outline, too!

The hounds ranged all over the southern half of the farm. They must have crossed Flint Creek at least four times; one crossing was very deep- the bottom of my saddle flaps went for a dip! All told, we were out for nearly three hours and covered about ten miles.

After the first run.

Gina was very good all day long. She always likes to be near the front of the field, but on Saturday she wasn’t pulling my arms out of their sockets or charging along. She was relatively calm over the jumps we took, too!

Hacking home on the road.

I’ll forego hunting for the next two Saturdays in favor of horse shows, but I’ll be back in the field later this month. I’m already looking forward to it!

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7 thoughts on “Hunting at Flint Creek”

  1. sounds like a fantastic outing!! ten miles in 3hrs sounds intense to me right now with a super unfit horse (and rider, let’s be real lol) but maybe soon??

    1. This felt like a pretty wide-ranging hunt; I feel like we’re usually just going up and down hills, but this felt like we went back and forth across the property! It took a long time to hack home (we walked on the road from just south of the spot on the map labeled “Hazlenut Hollow” back to the star).

      Trot sets are your friend.

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