Investigating Gina’s offspring

I have mentioned Gina’s long-ago offspring more than once on this blog. There’s Kassandra, a 2001 Oldenburg mare by Wradar:

Kassandra as a 4 year old

And Koko, a 2002 mare, also by Wradar: 

Koko as a 3 year old.

I don’t know either mare’s registered name; it’s surprisingly difficult to research them without that information. I’ve also never joined ISR/Oldenburg NA and have limited access to offspring records. (Wradar has a number of offspring listed, but I can’t access mare records. Gina is registered and entered into their Main Mare Book, but I haven’t forked over the $80 membership fee and the $40 ownership transfer fee.)

As I’ve started to seriously consider breeding Gina, I have become increasingly curious about what these two mares are doing and how well they’re doing it.
I have yet to find anything on Kassandra that I didn’t already know. 

Koko, however, is a different story.

A Google search for “kimberly k x wradar” yielded some interesting results. It looks as if Koko was sold to someone in Tyler, Texas in 2005 or 2006, when her breeders at Grand Oaks Ranch Sporthorses sold all their horses and seemingly got out of the horse business.

By 2006, Koko had been registered with the USEF as “Laguna Beach” and was starting her career as a jumper. It seems like she was moderately successful in Level 2 and Level 3 classes.

In 2009, Koko had a new owner, who continued to show her in jumper classes. She was also shown in a few hunter classes, where she seemed to fare decently. With this owner, Koko traveled all over the middle of the country: Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico.

Koko changed hands again in 2011, moving to the Kansas City area. She continued to compete in jumper classes at various levels (between Levels 1 and 3). Her placings were better than they were with previous owners. Whether it was a better rider, a better trainer, experience, or less competitive shows, I can’t begin to guess.

Koko’s USEF records end in 2012. Was she sold? Is she a broodmare? Did she get injured? I don’t know.

I’ve searched and searched for pictures of Koko, for more information on her performance, for information on where she currently is. I think I’m more curious now than I was before. What is her temperament like? Does she attack jumps with the same determination her dam sometimes does? Is she tall? Is she sound?

That Koko has been a moderately successful jumper makes me feel cautiously optimistic about any of Gina’s future offspring. I just wish I knew more!

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5 thoughts on “Investigating Gina’s offspring”

  1. Love the look of Koko as a youngster and it's great to have found some info even if you are now left with more questions than answers.
    Hopefully someone who reads your blog might already have the access to the websites to find out more info on them for you!

    PS: i don't know if you saw my reply to your comment about Irish Sport Horses as a potential breeding option for Miss Gina

    1. I did see your reply! I think ISH would be a good option for Gina- add some bone, tone down the hot TB temperament, hopefully reinforce Gina's good looks and good feet!

      Koko looks like a mini Gina, which is probably why I like her so much. 😉

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