It Rained For A Week

We love swimming!!!

Because I have a super fun job that follows the school calendar, I spent last week being on Spring Break. This meant I didn’t have to go in to work, could sleep in until approximately 8 AM every day, and had a whole lot of free time. Unfortunately, it rained Monday through Thursday. And by rained, I mean it poured cats and dogs daily. Poor ponies were practically underwater, so I didn’t have a chance to ride during the break. Boo, hiss. You can sort of see the pond that formed in their pasture. Cal (left) and Colt (right) took the opportunity to drink out of puddles instead of their trough. (It’s their favorite.)

As Colt and I have a dressage schooling show a little less than a month away, we’re resuming regular lessons with Anne this weekend. I feel confident he’ll be totally ready for an into (read: walk-trot) test by then. If we’re really sharp and put in a lot of work, we can probably manage a training level test. I’m not holding my breath, though, as our canter transitions are less than ideal…

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