It’s been a minute!

It’s been a minute!

Salutations, internet land, and apologies for the long absence! I’ve been really busy for the last month, but things have settled down and returned to normal. So, what have I been up to?

  • In mid-April (on Gina’s 340 day gestation date, no less), I briefly went to Tennessee and took my mother to a minor medical procedure.Ā  (She is totally fine.)
  • In late April, I headed to the Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event with my friends Richal and Rachael. They’d never been to Lexington and were completely delighted by the experience.
Pawel Spisak and Banderas at LRK3DE
Pawel Spisak and Banderas in the stadium jumping phase.
  • While I was out of town, I dropped Gina off at the vet in case she foaled. Gina did not foal, so I brought her home and kicked her back out with Candy and Moe.
  • Johnny and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary by eating Taco Bell and checking Twitter for NWS Tulsa updates on possible tornadoes.
  • I became the de facto eventing coach for my dressage friends who’ve decided to participate in some unrated horse trials. My track record is terrible: everyone in my group was eliminated at the last show!
Pony jumping cross country.
Favorite pony and favorite barn rat.
  • My mother visited me over the weekend; she booked a flight months ago because she wanted to see the baby horse. She was disappointed because there is no baby horse.
  • That’s right: Gina is still pregnant! Today is day 365. My vet reassured me that the foal’s heart rate and movement were normal while Gina was at the clinic; she does not anticipate a problem. Gina seems completely unconcerned about foaling and continues to eat, hang out with her horse friends, and sigh at me whenever I check her udder. Between here and Facebook, thirty-four people guessed “after 340” in last month’s foal contest- good instincts, people!
Candy and Gina eating hay
Candy (left) and Gina (right) continue to be buddies.

There’s not much on the agenda for the next few weeks. Candy continues to take one step forward and two steps back; I often despair that she will ever do anything useful. Moe is doing very well; he’s fat and shiny, and dressage shows with him in the fall are on my radar. And at some point, I imagine Gina will actually produce that foal she’s been carrying for so long!

IĀ have been keeping up with your blogs, and I’m looking forward to making time to contribute useful and/or supportive comments again!

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