Looking Good

It’s Saturday, and I’m off to see the Governor’s Cup race at Remington Park in Oklahoma City with my friend (and Thoroughbred expert/aspiring dressage rider) Holly. Of course, you can’t go to a horse race without looking good (unless you’re going to Will Rogers Downs in Claremore). So, of course, instead of finding myself something nice to wear, I opted to dig something out of the closet and spent Thursday afternoon making Colt look good.

Colt had some gnarly looking mane. It was really long and raggedy. I decided to make him look a little more respectable and pulled it. 

Now he looks so professional! That totally translates to professional, workmanlike performances at shows, right? Right?
I think he’s sticking his tongue out and thinking “Haha, woman! You can clean me up all you want, I’ll never stand tied quietly at a show!” 

Author: Stephanie

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