Marrakesh and Gina come home

On Monday afternoon, my vet called me with an update on Marrakesh. He said that Marrakesh was doing very well; he acted spunky and alert, nursed regularly, and best of all, could come home! I told the vet I’d plan to pick them up on Tuesday morning.

When I arrived at the clinic, the vet met me to give me some discharge instructions. Marrakesh had turned up with a fever and a slightly elevated white blood cell count. After a thorough examination, the vet felt it was due to an infection at the site of the IV catheter. He felt Gina and baby could still go home, as Marrakesh didn’t seem lethargic. The vet gave me antibiotics to give baby twice a day and a few single-milliliter doses of Banamine to give him if the fever persisted.

I loaded the two of them in my trailer with help from the clinic staff and nervously drove home. One of my foxhunting friends happened to be at my neighbor’s place and helped me unload Gina and baby into my paddock. Gina looked thrilled to be outdoors. Marrakesh looked flabbergasted. He quickly took advantage of the space, though! He spent nearly an hour and a half trotting and cantering around. Gina followed him up and down the paddock and seemed to enjoy stretching her legs, too!

When I returned to the barn in the early evening, Gina was eager to eat dinner. I fed her in her stall and corralled Marrakesh with some help from my neighbor’s husband and another friend. He was decidedly unexcited about having medication squirted into his mouth, but didn’t do anything terribly naughty.  (I mean, he’s a tiny week old foal- what’s he going to do other than give me some serious stink eye?)

Johnny and I wrangled him this morning while Gina ate breakfast. His temperature is still elevated, but he continues to be bright-eyed, active, and nursing well. I dosed him with Banamine and antibiotics, and left him to his own devices. I’ll feel less anxious once his temperature comes down, but I’m glad he seems to be doing okay despite it.

He and Gina are very frustrated about flies, though. I have a mask on Gina, but haven’t been putting any kind of fly spray on her or Marrakesh. His tiny tail swishes constantly and he stomps his tiny feet all the time. Is there anything I can use that will be safe for the two of them?

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7 thoughts on “Marrakesh and Gina come home”

  1. If you think a week old foal can’t do anything, you need to tell my mini donk babies that. SO sassy. So glad to hear your boy is home and doing well. I’m sure Gina is tickled to be home!

  2. I’m so glad he’s home! Maybe some of the more “natural” type fly sprays would be ok? The ones made with essential oils and not so many chemicals. Even swat would probably be helpful for him.

  3. Maybe I’m a total idiot, but is it not okay to spray the foal with regular fly spray as long as it’s not around his face? Have you asked the vet?

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