Marrakesh is home (again)!

I missed a call from my vet on Thursday evening, but the message he left was heartening. Marrakesh’s temperature had been normal for the last three days without Banamine and there was very little drainage from the IV catheter site on his neck. The vet felt he’d be able to go home soon.

I talked to the vet on Friday, and he repeated what he’d said in his message. He added that they were still planning to do the blood culture, but in the meantime Marrakesh could go home with some medication.

On Saturday morning, Johnny and I drove down to the clinic and picked up Gina and Marrakesh. I left with a bag of medications- two antibiotics and a bottle of Banamine. The vet instructed me to dose him with the antibiotics and check his temperature to make sure the fever didn’t return. Both horses seemed really excited to be outside and spent several minutes trotting and cantering around.

Marrakesh is bigger and sturdier than he was when he left home last week. He’s too big to walk under Gina now, which makes catching him much easier! He also seems more energetic and active; I imagine that’s due to having a normal temperature instead of a 105°F fever.

Since he’s (understandably) skeptical of people, Johnny and I are working to make his experiences with us pleasant. We spend time petting and gently scratching him before and after medicating him. I brushed him with my softest body brush yesterday; he attempted to kick me when I brushed his hind legs but otherwise seemed okay with it. I plan to get a halter on him soon, but the one I bought before he was born is too big.


Gina seems happy to be home, too. She’s looking a little thin, but with some extra feed and hay, I think she’ll fill back out. She continues to be an excellent mother- she’s watchful without being overbearing, is easy to handle, and doesn’t mind when her colt is handled.

Stretching those legs!

I’m grateful to the staff at the vet clinic for taking good care of Gina and Marrakesh and getting him on the mend. I’m so glad they’re home, and I hope they won’t need to go back for a long, long time. (Or at least until my bank account recovers!)


Somehow, he didn’t fall over

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    1. Me too! A few days ago I went back and re-read all of your Presto posts from when he was hospitalized, and it was really helpful in helping me stay optimistic. 😀

  1. Thank goodness he’s finally on the mend! Such a stressful way to start life for that little guy. Hoping that’s all behind you now and it’s smooth sailing going forward.

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