Marrakesh makes improvements

First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who have commented here, on Facebook, on Instagram, and through email with words of encouragement. It’s been really heartening and has helped me stay positive. The equestrian blogging community is a treasure.

On Saturday, I hauled Moe down to a dressage schooling show that was only a few miles away from the clinic where Gina and Marrakesh are staying. I went down early with Johnny in tow, tossed Moe in a stall, and drove to the clinic for a quick visit.

I talked to their vet briefly. He said that Marrakesh had begun to stand up without help on Friday evening and continued to do so through the night and into the morning. He’s nursing well and gaining weight, so the vet decided to remove the nasogastric tube. His IV catheter was also removed. Marrakesh was running a very slight fever early Saturday morning and was given Banamine to reduce it; the vet advised they’d keep an eye on his temperature and run his bloodwork again if he remained feverish.

When Johnny and I arrived, Marrakesh was napping. Gina greeted us with a whinny and immediately searched us for cookies. (Which we provided, of course.) Marrakesh perked up at his mother’s noises and hoisted himself to his feet. He tottered right over to Gina to nurse, and once he finished, walked over to investigate us. He seemed a little suspicious, which is understandable. After all, humans have been poking and prodding him throughout his whole short life!

He appeared much more alert and active than on Thursday. He also seemed steadier on his feet. I’m ecstatic he’s getting up on his own and starting to look and act like a typical foal instead of a sad wet noodle.ย Gina, as ever, is a complete and total champion. She milks like a Holstein and continues to be patient and easygoing with the clinic staff.

I can’t wait for them to come home! They might be able to do so later this week- keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. aw that sweet blazed face – what a relief to see him looking so much more hale and hearty!! fingers crossed he’s home and frolicking outside your kitchen window ASAP!!

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