Marrakesh the medical marvel

Marrakesh turned two weeks old yesterday, and he celebrated at the vet clinic.

I received a call on Monday evening from the clinic’s veterinary intern. She told me that Marrakesh continued to spike fevers despite receiving Banamine and a different broad spectrum antibiotic. They performed a thoracic ultrasound to check his lungs, which looked good. The next step they wanted to take was performing a blood culture. The blood culture might reveal which bacteria were affecting him, and help the vets target that bacteria more specifically. The veterinary intern advised that Marrakesh continued to be alert, active, and interested in nursing.  I gave them the go-ahead to do the blood culture.

Yesterday, I spoke with the vet who’s been treating Marrakesh. He told me the clinic didn’t have the tubes needed to do the blood culture; they’re expecting a shipment today. Since the culture will need at least 48 hours to grow,  the results won’t be available until at least this weekend. The vet told me the same thing the intern had- Marrakesh is alert, nursing, and acting fairly normal even with the persistent fever.

I told the vet my primary concern is how this early illness will affect Marrakesh long-term. The vet advised me that if they could keep the infection from affecting his joints (“joint ill”), they expect him to recover and be a useful adult.

I trust the team of vets at the clinic where Marrakesh is being treated. They’ve been my go-to people for years, and they’re some of the best in Oklahoma. But I was really frustrated after talking to them yesterday. Why didn’t one of the largest equine hospitals in the state have equipment for a blood culture? Why wasn’t a blood culture brought up sooner? Why can’t anyone seem to figure out what’s going on with Gina’s colt?

I’m not angry, and I certainly don’t think the clinic staff is negligent. I’m just frustrated and concerned for Marrakesh. I want him to get well and come home.  Hopefully he’ll be able to do so in the next couple of weeks!

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11 thoughts on “Marrakesh the medical marvel”

  1. Poor kid. If you ever want a second opinion or advisement, I have the number for one of the top neonatal vets in the country. He was able to help advise our vet team on Presto’s case.

  2. ugh i’m sorry 🙁 hang in there – hopefully baby M will stay happy and alert (and infection free in his joints!) while the clinic gets all there ducks in a row!

  3. Ugh. This does sound frustrating. I know blood cultures aren’t a common procedure, but it does seem like the kind of thing that a serious vet hospital — especially one with a critical care unit — ought to have. Hopefully this resolves quickly once the blood work is in.

    Fingers crossed for Marrakesh. <3

    1. I wasn’t sure how common they are, so I tried not to be irritated about it. But seriously, you’re the premiere veterinary hospital in the eastern half of the state and you don’t have some freaking tubes?!

  4. So frustrating! I don’t blame you at all for asking those questions. I hope they get to the bottom of it, and quickly! You need your new baby home and healthy! I’m crossing everything that you get to the bottom of it soon.

  5. That is disappointing. You have reason to feel that way. I’m glad to hear that he otherwise itsn’t acting sick, though! That has to be a good sign.

  6. SO frustrating! I would feel exactly the same as you feel right now with all the whys. Thinking of y’all and I hope you get some good, actionable, info from the blood culture. And hopefully sooner than later.

  7. Of course, supplies in a veterinary hospital go out of date and then can’t be used. They may not do a blood culture that often. Most of those tubes have an expiration date on them.

    Hope he gets better soon!

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