Marrakesh update

When the vet sent Marrakesh and Gina home on Tuesday, he gave me some basic instructions: take his temperature once a day, administer Banamine if it was over 102.5°F, and observe Marrakesh for lethargy or increased swelling around the IV catheter site.

Marrakesh was pretty energetic on Tuesday afternoon, and he was running and bucking on Wednesday morning despite still running a fever. It was extremely hot on Wednesday, and I opted to work half the day from home so I could keep an eye on him. He did normal stuff like nurse, trot around, and nap. He was spunky when Johnny and I corralled him to give him antibiotics, and I tried not to worry about the fever much.


Yesterday morning, his fever was a little higher than it had been on Wednesday. I dutifully gave him a dose of Banamine along with his morning antibiotics, then forced myself to go back inside instead of staring at him and freaking out. He had a few visitors yesterday and showed off a some foal antics for them before returning to his mother’s side. Marrakesh seemed a little tired, but I thought the hot weather might be contributing to his fatigue. (Oklahoma’s reached the part of summer where it’s hot and windy, which is like being in a hairdryer.) My friend next door helped me medicate him last night- he liked the neck scratches she gave him!

I spoke with his vet yesterday evening and gave him an update. He seemed concerned that Marrakesh’s fever hadn’t come down. Since Marrakesh was acting fairly normal, the vet advised me to come in and pick up more Banamine in the morning and continue to observe him.

Hanging out with Gina

This morning, Marrakesh was noticeably lethargic. He was laying down in the paddock when I came out to feed Gina and medicate him and wasn’t very interested in getting up to follow her to the barn. He did get up after a few minutes and trotted over to Gina; the two of them went into the barn quietly to eat. Marrakesh’s temperature was higher than it was yesterday by nearly a degree, so I called the vet clinic and let them know I’d be bringing them in.

When we arrived at the clinic, the staff helped me unload them and get them settled. Marrakesh nursed, walked around for a bit, and then folded up to nap. His vet plans to run his blood work today, but his hypothesis is that doxycycline just isn’t killing the bacteria associated with the infection, which means his temperature stays high.  The tentative plan is to switch to a different antibiotic and see if that helps.

I’m obviously worried about Marrakesh, but he’s in good hands at the clinic. Hopefully this is a minor setback that can be resolved quickly, and he’ll be back to bucking around the paddock in no time!

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  1. Oh geez! Poor little guy. And poor you – that’s beyond stressful. Fingers crossed a new antibiotic does the trick!

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