Mini reviews, part 3

Here’s another handful of products that don’t merit a full post, but deserve mention (for good or ill)!

Guter Sitz-Sit Tite Spray

This spray creates friction and “sticks” you to the saddle; I originally bought it to help me stick to my slippery dressage saddle when I wasn’t wearing full seat breeches. It works fairly well- I can definitely feel a difference when I use it that way, although it doesn’t totally recreate the feeling of full seats. My favorite use for it is to add a little grippiness to my jumping saddle, though. I spray my saddle and boots before going on course and feel tighter in the tack. It doesn’t leave a residue or stain leather.

MSRP: $17.95
Is it worth full retail? Yeah, absolutely! I’ve had the same can for nearly a year and it doesn’t seem close to empty.

Ovation Fun spur straps

It’s unrealistic to think I would be able to resist buying a wacky-patterned pair of spur straps. These are available in the most ridiculous patterns you could wish for: leopard, zebra, super sparkly. I showed a little restraint and bought them in “Illusion”, a subtle black-on-black pattern, so I could wear them at shows without attracting a lot of attention. Because I’m lazy, they also became my everyday (or every day I ride Moe on the flat) spur straps.  Sadly, they haven’t aged well over the last few months. They’ve stretched out quite a bit, and the material is beginning to flake.

MSRP: $14.95
Is it worth full retail? Eh…hard to say. These are very much “you get what you pay for”, so if having a zebra print pair of spur straps that won’t last forever is worth $15 to you, go for it.

Kerrits Hybrid riding shirt

Wearing the shirt at the Thoroughbred Athletes horse trial.
Wearing the shirt at the Thoroughbred Athletes horse trial.

I bought this tech-fabric shirt in black before I went to Willow Draw in Texas. I knew it was going to be hot, and there was no way I was wearing (a) my long sleeved shirt (b) a cotton short sleeve shirt or (c) a white shirt. (Slight digression: in case you were unaware, the USEF rulebook for eventing states your shirt must be “of conservative color”. USEF’s rulebook for dressage mentions nothing about shirt color, so go wild! All-white is flattering on almost no-one!) I figured if jackets weren’t waived, I wouldn’t be burning up and if they were waived, I’d look less like a beached whale than if I were wearing all white. Jackets were not waived, but I was adequately cool thanks in large part to this shirt. I’ve been wearing it regularly ever since: on trail rides, for schooling, at the combined driving event, at another show. It’s a very lightweight and comfortable shirt, and the open weave mesh panels make it super well ventilated. It’s reasonably flattering, though I wish it were just a touch longer.

MSRP: $54.00
Is it worth full retail? Yes, definitely!

The Herbal Horse Coat Conditioning Spray

I picked up a bottle of this after reading Allie at Rocking E Cowgirl’s review of it.  I’ve been very happy with my previous THH purchases, but as a dedicated Vetrolin detangler and ShowSheen finishing mist user, I was a just a tad skeptical about how well it would work. While I still use both of those products, I’ve found that the THH coat conditioning spray is perfect for softening crunchy, dried-out tails. Both Gina and Moe have seen improvements in the texture of their manes and tails since I started applying this every time they’re groomed. I’ve started using it on Candy, too- that horse has a seriously brittle tail, but it’s already less nasty than it used to be.

MSRP: $11
Is it worth full retail? Absolutely! Plus, Helen is a super nice person who sends suckers with her orders; that alone is worth $11.

Hay Where’s That Blue Stuff

Gina gets so-called “stud crud” on her hind cannon bones what seems like every summer, and That Blue Stuff does a great job of healing it! I use a jelly curry to gently scrub off the worst of the crud and apply this stuff. The lotion form makes it easy to apply- no liquid running all over the place, no thick or gooey paste. I’m not super diligent about applying it, but even with irregular, minimal application, it keeps the crud at bay and helps Gina regrow hair. I’ve also used it on rain rot and a girth rub with success.

MSRP: $26.95
Is it worth full retail? Definitely. A little goes a long way, and my small bottle has lasted over a year.

What good (or bad) stuff have y’all used lately?

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18 thoughts on “Mini reviews, part 3”

    1. Same here! I need to get my green show coat tailored (it’s a bit long in the body and arms), but all of their clothing is comfortable, durable, and flattering.

  1. I have some of those crazy spur straps too. They’re not my all the time pair so they’ve lasted ok so far. I think I got them on sale for 9 and change so if they die, they die.
    Thanks for talking about That Blue Stuff! I’ve seen the ads for it, and was thinking about trying it. This time of year they all get that creeping crud on their back legs… Oddly enough Rio doesn’t have it, but he DOES have cellulitis… go figure.

  2. Thanks for the reviews. I keep meaning to buy the sit-tite spray and then I forget until 2 days out from an event and can’t get it fast enough because RW doesn’t carry it.

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