Mini reviews, round two!

Last weekend while I was working at the Arabian show, I realized I have a problem. It seemed like every person who asked me a question about a brand or item received this reply: “Oh yeah, I have one of those!” My relationship with the employee discount is unhealthy.

Here are a few more products that don’t merit their own post but are worth a mention.

Weatherbeeta Wick-Dri Standard Neck Cooler

Space alien Gina wearing the clothing of her people.

This is a great cooler. The underlayer is moisture-wicking fleece; it extends about halfway down the horse’s side. The outer layer is mesh, making the cooler lightweight and airy. It has a surcingle to help keep it in place as well as a tail cord. I’ve been very happy with it since purchasing it over a year ago. I toss it on Gina when she’s sweaty after a ride or when we’re traveling on cool days. It’s held up well and is easy to fold back up and store in its bag.
MSRP: $76.99
Is it worth full retail? Eh…I’m not sure. I’ve always been happy with Weatherbeeta’s quality and construction and this cooler definitely does its job. Most fleece coolers do just fine, though, and you can certainly get something less expensive than this.

Horze Arturo Halter & Lead Set

Moe wearing the Arturo halter in green
Moe wears the Arturo in green.

Colorful patterns make this halter and lead set stand out, which is always a plus in my book! The lead rope has a panic snap release (you pull downward on the snap to get it to release) and the halter has a throat snap for easy on and off. Unlike many other nylon halters and leads, it’s very soft and supple. All that said, this is not a high-end halter or lead. The hardware is cheap and doesn’t seem super durable. This is completely fine for a horse like Moe who treats equipment nicely; this is not good for Gina, who has broken at least 3 of these halters and leads. Gina’s also broken leather halters, other brands of nylon halters, breakaway halters, and a rope halter, so…
MRSP: $15.95
Is it worth full retail? Sure. $16 is ridiculously inexpensive for a halter and lead set. These really are fun colors and patterns, and if you have a horse that can stand tied quietly, you can enjoy a good looking halter for not a lot of money.

One K Defender with Sun Shield

Built-in sunglasses = maximum coolness
Built-in sunglasses = maximum coolness

Sadly, One K has discontinued the Defender with the sun shield, so you cannot look as cool as I do. I know you’re all very upset. The Defender model has many variations (brocade, glitter, snake, swarovski crystals, etc.), but the plain-jane suede helmet looks perfectly nice. This helmet has great airflow- I can feel the breeze through the front vents when it’s windy! I like the way it sits on my head, too.
MSRP: $259.95
Is it worth full retail? Yes. It’s not a cheap helmet, but it’s stylish, well-ventilated, and fits my large round head well. I use it for shows and schooling; I don’t use it for hunting because it’s a little too loud, but I wish I could!

PS of Sweden Flat Out Revolution Bridle

Gina models the PS Flat Out Revolution

I dislike this bridle. I bought it in December 2014 and paid $198.40  (including shipping) for it. At the time, I thought it was a decent price for an interesting bridle that came complete with reins. Shipping was impressively fast. I was disappointed when I got my hands on it, though; the leather seemed cheap and plasticky and the reins included stops, which I hate. (I ended up selling them to Sprinkler Bandit and purchasing a new pair sans stops.) This is a full-sized bridle, but is nearly too large for definitely-horse-sized Gina. The noseband is too loose when buckled on the last hole and the browband consistently slips down. The keepers frequently slide off the ends of the cheekpieces, too. On the bright side, I really like that the flash attachment is completely detachable, and the snaps for changing the bit are useful. Gina doesn’t seem to care one way or another about its ergonomic features (which I don’t hold against the bridle). I would have gotten rid of this thing yesterday, but it’s nice to have two bridles for each horse and I do like the ability to change bits easily.
MSRP: $205
Is it worth full retail? My initial reaction is no- I am not jazzed about my bridle. However, PS has apparently improved their leather quality. The bridles also no longer include reins, so for a complete bridle, you’re looking at $275 or so. That’s a bit too much for me, but some of you may disagree.

Have you tried any of these things? What do you think?

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14 thoughts on “Mini reviews, round two!”

  1. I have the same cooler. I picked mine up for around $25 at a clearance sale 🙂 I really like mine, but probably wouldn’t have paid full price either.

  2. The halter/lead combo is super cute! Good thing you can get a discount on all your tack! It’s my dream (well, one of them…) to own a tack/feed store!!

    1. They are VERY cute! I wish Gina wasn’t such a brat. I am very grateful for the tack discount, although I’m pretty sure I just wouldn’t buy stuff if I didn’t get the discount. 😛 You should definitely open a tack shop out your way- I don’t know if there’s one between Tulsa & OKC!

      1. There’s Red Earth in Edmond, which is mostly English. You’d think there would be a good western one close by, but there isn’t! I think I could really make a go of it. It’s always in the back of my mind…

  3. I don’t like the Flat Out either. It’s from their “working” line – ie it’s the cheapest leather and not nearly as well-finished as their other bridles. Worlds apart from their nicer bridles. Granted, it’s way less expensive. But also considerably more ugly…

    1. I don’t have a huge problem with the way it looks- for me, it’s more that the fit is weird and the quality is worse than I expected. I didn’t expect a $200 bridle to be outstanding, but I didn’t expect it to feel and look like a $55 SmartPak bridle either.

  4. So I have the Tuffrider version of that cooler, and I think it’s the bees knees. (Yup, I just said that!.) I think I paid closer to $40 for it though? I got one for each horse because I liked it that much. You can see it here if you’d like to compare:
    But then… I found that horze had made a way prettier, better for use in public version for $49 and I bought four of those too… I clearly have a problem. I wish it came in green, but I got brown which looks awesome on my horses. That one is here: I’m going to do a review of this one on the blog soon.

  5. I’ve heard the flat out bridle isn’t made with their good leather. I also had some issues with their sizing. I did like mine, but it was silly to have a leather bridle for trail riding so I ended up reselling mine for basically what I paid and I kept the one pair of reins it came with. I keep an eye on their sales hoping to get another one some day.

  6. I just bought myself a One K. I put it on my head in the tack shop just for fun, and then I didn’t want to take it off. It is seriously comfortable. Also, thanks for reminding me of Horze’s halters! I totally forgot that my current halter came from them, and it is one of the few that actually fit Sydney’s bigger than horse size, but not quite warmblood sized head. I need to get a new one, her current one, sadly, has a few stains from her recent eye procedure that I can’t seem to get out.

  7. I definitely think the OneK is worth the price. It’s much less than most other helmets that are A show appropriate, with many of the same features as those more expensive helmets, such as the vents and the removable lining. I did wear mine hunting as a guest, because it was my only helmet so I didn’t have a choice, and I actually got several compliments. The entire group I hunted with was super sweet and laid back though, and maybe in a more picky or formal hunt it would have been frowned on.

  8. I love my OneK with shades. I’m thinking about getting a second one with the shades before the distributers run out…may be too late. It’s a super comfy helmet and stylish.

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