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I haven’t been blogging regularly (for months, really) because I feel like my life is currently very boring. After Marrakesh died, I lost motivation to do much with the horses at all. The things I did do felt very mundane, especially compared to the excitement of a baby horse. I rode Moe in dressage shows. I made more of a effort to work with Candy. I tried to get ready for hunting with Gina.

My life hasn’t suddenly become more exciting, but I want to write about it anyway. So, what’s been going on?

  • I’ve taken a few lessons with my neighbor on Candy. One of my foxhunting friends is taking lessons with her every other week and inserting myself into her lesson has made it fun and affordable (for me, I’m not sure if she thinks it’s fun when Candy is dolphining around the arena). It’s been helpful to have someone who knows both Candy and me well offering advice and tips.
  • Hunting season is underway, although I haven’t been out much. My clippers died about three-quarters of the way through clipping Gina, so she looks hideous. I borrowed a pair of clippers from my neighbor, which died about five minutes after I turned them on. Gina’s neck and barrel are clipped, but her hindquarters are not (save for one wide swath on her left flank). I took her out third field last weekend, which was really fun; I’m too embarrassed to hunt first field like usual. A replacement blade is on the way, so maybe the season can be saved.
  • Gina has completed the 25 hours needed for the first level of recreational riding awards from The Jockey Club’s Thoroughbred Incentive Program! My neighbor joked that I’m going to need a letterman jacket for all the patches I’ll get. (Moe needs about 5 more hours to get one and Candy earned hers in 2017.)
  • Johnny and I finally painted a room in our house, two-plus years after moving in. The entire house is beige- ceilings, walls, carpets, even the countertops in the kitchen are beige-ish. It’s the most boring nightmare you can imagine! We painted the spare bedroom’s ceiling white and walls Behr’s Charcoal Blue. It looks great and has inspired us to work on more house projects in 2019.
  • I implemented a vegetarian-for-dinner rule for weeknights back in January. I was inspired by a recent episode of 1A about veganism; it was easy to get Johnny on board since we’re both undiscriminating eaters. This has been a big success! I’m expanding my cooking repertoire, the amount we’re spending on groceries has decreased, and we have way less food waste.
  • I added blue to my hair! My hair has been purple since last summer, but I added some blue to the bottom of it and love how it looks. I think I’ll go totally blue the next time I have it colored!
  • Johnny and I have been fostering a couple of kittens for the local animal rescue, which has been both fun and extremely cute. They leave for their new home this week, and I’ll miss them!

I have more to write about my lessons on Candy and a couple of products I want to review. I’m optimistic that I can commit to blogging at least twice a week- and now that I’ve put it in writing, it’s official, right?


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21 thoughts on “Miscellaneous updates”

  1. I’m excited to read your blog again! I’ve relied on it in order to allow me to do things other than work during my office hours.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed lessoning with you and Candy! I get to catch my breath while Candy displays her athleticism. And for that I am thankful! Especially, on Rambler

  3. it’s good to hear an update 😉 those kittens are too freakin cute and your hair looks awesome!! glad you’re getting so much saddle time too (even if Gina’s clip turned out slightly unfortunately lol, hopefully the new blade comes in asap!)

  4. LOVE the blue hair and your new profile pic! SO CUTE! Also omg those kittens… <3

    Always glad to hear from you in any capacity!

  5. So glad to see you back blogging! Sounds like life is doing life things, which is great. LOVE the hair! I feel you on the clippers. I bought a brand new pair of wahl cordless ones to trim Eros, and they didn’t work out of the box. Sent them for repairs and just got them back so hoping they stay working.

  6. Love the hair! And you can’t talk about how hideous Gina looks without pics 😉
    I would love to do vegetarian dinners… but I don’t think my meat&potatoes husband would ever go for that haha. Maybe vegetarian lunches?

  7. My house is not quite as monotone as all beige, but when we moved in the entire kitchen was yellow. Yellow cabinets, yellow walls, yellow ceiling, beige floor. White countertops, but they were old and stained YELLOW. I painted the lower cabinets already (a dark blue), and should be getting to the walls (bright white) a little later this Spring…. Even just having the lower cabinets painted makes such an amazing change to the feel of the kitchen.

  8. I’m glad you’re blogging again! Your hair looks amazing. I went pink before Christmas but it washed out super fast, despite my best efforts. How do you get the color to last?

    1. The purple always lasts pretty well, but the blue is fading more quickly. I use a gentle shampoo and conditioner (Aveda’s Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo & Conditioner, which is what my stylist recommended) and only wash my hair a couple of times a week. (I was doing that before I colored it purple, though.) I don’t know how much the brand of the color affects how well it lasts (or if it has more to do with my hair texture or something), but the purple is an Aveda mix and the blue is a Pravana color.

  9. What cute kittens! And the blue looks great; I’m excited to see when you go all blue. You’ll have to match all your tack to it 😉

    I love the idea of vegetarian dinners on week nights. When I was single and living alone, I was vegan for several months and loved it. I did it just because it was a challenge I wanted to see if I could achieve it. It ended up expanding my go to cooking and recipes by leaps and bounds; best random decision ever.

    1. I love challenging myself to cook in different ways! Last year, I’d select a cookbook and cook recipes from only that book every week. It was a fun way to explore different cuisines. I’m really enjoying vegetarian cooking!

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