It seems like there are dozens of mnemonic devices in the equestrian world. For example, as a kid, I had trouble learning my posting diagonal until someone told me to “rise and fall with the leg on the wall”. Suddenly, I had no problems remembering which was the correct way to post. In eventing, jumps are always flagged with red and white flags to indicate which direction they should be jumped- I was told early on to jump “red on right”, an alliterative that I’ve never forgotten.
The letters of a dressage arena are ripe for mnemonics- I’ve heard at least three different ones for letters in a small arena, including:
  • All King Edward’s Horses Carry Many Bloody Fools
  • All King Edward’s Horses Can Make Big Fences
  • All King Edward’s Horses Can Make Bay Foals
Down the centerline in a standard sized arena, I remember the letters as “Gee, I Love Dressage” (from C toward A). 
I’m curious- what, if any, mnemonic devices do you employ? 

Author: Stephanie

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7 thoughts on “Mnemonics”

  1. Oh no, I couldn't use those, I would get them confused with the foundation of biological commandment mnemonics (King Phillip, Come Out For God's Sake = Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Specific Epithet).

    My dressage arena set up, which I love b/c it always makes me giggle, goes the other 'way around than yours: All Fat Bay Mares Can Hardly Ever Kick.

  2. I use the fat bay mares one too…because I have two of them, so extra amusing. I was taught the King Edward ones as a kid but could never remember the whole thing under pressure. I'm horrible with knowing instinctively my left and right inside/outside so the leg on the wall thing was genius…

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