Moe and Gina go to camp

Last week, Moe and Gina attended Green Country Dressage’s annual junior rider camp. I was happy to let them go; their teenage riders regularly have lessons on them, and I figure that the more dressage training the horses get, the better! (Even if it’s teenagers doing the training.)

The camp was held at gorgeous Prairie Lane Farm. There were indoor arenas, outdoor arenas, deluxe stalls with runs attached in a big, airy barn, a covered viewing area with lawn chairs! Camp started on Thursday and I stopped by on Friday to say hello to the ponies and make sure they were behaving themselves.

Gina feeling luxurious
How Moe REALLY feels about dressage.

Moe was hamming it up and reliving his Pony Club days, mugging every possible person for every possible treat, head hanging out of his stall, sticking his tongue out, tossing his head, curling his upper lip back. Gina, however, is too dignified for such behavior and promptly went back to eating her hay after accepting one treat.

The horses also did some work while they were at camp.

Their riders (and Richal) reported that Moe and Gina were extremely well behaved and that both instructors at the camp really liked them. It always makes me feel good when my horses can be useful, especially when they can help young riders learn! 

Moe loves learning! Or treats.

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8 thoughts on “Moe and Gina go to camp”

    1. My horses certainly aren't the best or most fancy horses out there, but I like to think they are safe and reliable for kids! And they usually try to do the right thing. 🙂

    1. Richal said the kids fed my horses approximately two pounds of treats while mostly ignoring the other horses from their barn. (Rude!) I am happy to share them, because really, what are kids going to do to mess them up? They aren't THAT fancy, haha!!

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