Moe and Gina go to a show

First of all, thank you all for your congratulatory wishes regarding my wedding/marriage. The day was just great: perfect weather, beautiful horses, no meltdowns over a seating plan. I’ll eventually have some sort of recap later, but in the meantime, let me tell you about my boss horses.

The morning of the wedding, the horses went to a schooling dressage show with their lesson kids. I’ve been sort of excited to see how they behaved at a show for their riders. Both horses are pretty solid show campaigners who load, travel, stand around, and perform well for me. I was curious to see if they’re actually well trained or if I’m just the elderly Thoroughbred whisperer.

This is how Moe dressages.

In Training 1, Moe scored a respectable 61.739%, which put him 4 out of 5 in a relatively competitive group. In Training 2, he score 61.346% for a fifth place (out of 5); he was less than a point away from second place, though! 

Gina looks pretty badass here.

Gina fared worse than Moe in Training 1, scoring a 60.652% for last place. She scored a 61.923% in Training 2, tying another pair for third place. (I can’t recall how ties are broken in dressage, or if they are.)

The horses were apparently very well behaved, and were happy to hop off the trailer from the dressage show and right onto the trailer taking them to the wedding. While this means I am not the elderly Thoroughbred whisperer, it does mean that I can feel good about my horses’ manners!

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