Moe Is Coming!

It’s official- my sweet baby Moe horse is coming to Oklahoma later this month!! I spoke with my dad this morning and he promised to get Moe’s Coggins test done and his health papers together so I can come pick him up. Levi and I are headed out either May 21 or 22 and will return May 23 or 24. (To thank him for such a giant favor, I’m trying to arrange a whitewater rafting trip with my friends Jake and Greer.)

Moe and I have been separated since April of 2009, when I moved to Wichita, Kansas. Now that I finally have a good job I like and a nice, reasonably priced place to keep him, my darling Moe and I can be reunited! 
Moe at our barn in Martin, TN

For those that don’t know, Moe is my amazing Thoroughbred gelding. He was the first ‘nice’ horse I ever had. My parents bought him for me when he was 8, shortly after he’d started his first season of eventing. I was a junior in high school. My last few horses had been of varying temperaments and talents, but none were enough for me to advance in my equestrian career. My Pony Club friend Kim let me know of a little chestnut gelding her trainer was looking to sell, and I met Moe at my Pony Club’s annual spring horse trial. He’d just won the beginner novice division. I took him for a test ride and remember thinking that his strides felt huge!

I loved him immediately and I was so happy when he arrived at the farm. Our first show was a cross-country schooling show put on by the local foxhunt. Moe was a doll, jumping mightily over the fences. I was exhilarated. Never before had I had such a reliable mount.
Moe and I went on to have many successful years of partnership. He carried me through Pony Club Rally at the Kentucky Horse Park, on trail rides in college, through jumper jackpot classes that we never won because he’d inevitably knock a rail. When I moved to Kansas, I cried regularly because I missed him so much. 
Moe just had his 17th birthday. Even though he’s older, I feel confident he’ll be able to get back in shape without too much trouble. I hope he and I can make it to an event this season- my darling old boy will be happy to get back to work!

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