Baby Moe is home in Oklahoma, finally. After three years and many miles, we are reunited. I am so happy I could cry.

Moe is spending the night in a dry lot at work until I can take him to where he’ll be boarded and supervise him while he gets to know Gina, Colt, and Cal (not to mention the fence line).

I am eternally grateful to my friend/coworker, Levi, and his awesome truck. I’m also thankful to my dad for giving me the horse trailer and keeping my sweet horse for me for so long.

Moe is looking very good, especially for being fed a diet of grass, hay, corn, lollipops, fruit, and white bread. (I guess that’s what happens when you leave your horse around your dad’s step-grandkids.) He trailered out to Oklahoma like a total pro, and I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s at a horse show. Work on him gets underway this weekend.

I also have an update from the hunter pace- look for it soon!

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