My favorite dressage videos


Since I haven’t managed to have more than one dressage lesson this year (despite making monthly lessons a goal), I haven’t made as much progress as I would like. Piddling around and taking it easy is fun (and the mental and physical break is necessary for everyone’s well-being!), but it’s not the best way to improve my scores!

I’ve been watching a lot of dressage training videos lately. It’s helpful for me to see someone explaining various concepts (instead of having them explained at me while I’m struggling to perform them). Here are some of my favorite videos:

Catherine Haddad explaining effective position

Kate Poulin-Neff describing how to ride a trot lengtheningĀ 

Anne Gribbons offering advice on riding the stretch circle

George Williams explaining exercises for getting your horse on the bit

Do you find that watching video (or auditing clinics) is an effective way for you to learn? Do you have a collection of favorites?

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11 thoughts on “My favorite dressage videos”

  1. Thank you for these. All useful things I can use for tomorrow’s lesson. I’m totally a visual learner…Badminton horse trials has all the dressage posted on youtube with commentary from Carl Hester, etc…it’s like watching a clinic and I try to watch a ride or two every morning to get tips šŸ™‚

  2. I love watching videos and auditing clinics. I even stick around for all of the weekend lessons at my normal farm when possible, just to absorb as much as possible. Even videos that aren’t instructional I find helpful, because I can still observe how different people tackle a jump off, or why one jump on a course seems to cause a lot of troubles.

    1. You are very dedicated! I will sometimes watch lessons at my barn, although many of the students are small children learning the very basics. It’s still helpful to hear concepts explained in a different way than I may have learned them, though. Always something to learn!

      1. Yes. I am like a small child learning the basics. Watching my lessons is for entertainment purposes only.

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