My new Quarter Horse friends

A couple of weeks ago, I encountered a boarder at the barn I’d never met before. She greeted me with, “Hey, aren’t you the trainer?” I looked around to make sure she was talking to me and said something full of professional confidence: “Um…I teach riding lessons to one girl?” 

Apparently, she was undeterred by my confusion; she told me she was a nurse and didn’t have much time to ride her three Quarter Horses she boards at the barn. The barn manager had told her I was a horse trainer (should I get some business cards for that?) and recommended she talk to me about legging up her horses. 
And that’s how I ended up with three western pleasure horses to exercise.

Meet Cutter, Dolly, and Chip! All three are registered American Quarter Horses; Chip and Dolly are half-siblings by the same sire. Chip and Dolly are of Zips Chocolate Chip breeding and have won several titles on the AQHA circuit. (I’d provide more detail if I could, but I have very little knowledge of how the breed circuit works.) Cutter is somewhat less accomplished, but is just as smooth moving and well trained as the other two.

Their owner simply wants me to get them in shape and keep them there, and remind them of their manners. All three are very easygoing and very slow. Like, I thought I’d ridden some jogs and some lopes on horses at the therapeutic center; I was wrong. I’m certain that Gina walks faster than Chip jogs. 
It’s a nice change to ride something different than what I’m used to, and of course, it’s nice to have more ponies to work on!

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    1. That picture of Cutter makes him look like a much odder color than he really is. (He'd just had a bath in it.) He's a gray and white pinto- his gray parts are flea-bitten. If you see him while he's dry (and clean), he looks pretty much like a flea-bitten gray all over.

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