Nice ‘Huffs’!

I sometimes spend my free time trawling through the hot mess that is the Farm & Garden section on Craigslist Tulsa. It’s hit-or-miss. Once, I found a riding gig (aboard a mule at the All-American Mule & Donkey Congress). Another time, I ran across a Stübben Roxane saddle for only $500 (sadly, I didn’t buy it). I give most horses listed on the site a cursory glance, especially if they’re Thoroughbreds. Sometimes, you really hit the jackpot on horse listings. 

From today’s posts:

Click to enlarge!

The text of the ad reads: 

I have a 5 year old stud for sale I need to sale to a good home asap can’t upload picture but can send pictures he is all black with his back huffs white 400 or obo

There are a number of things wrong with this ad, but what really jumped out to me was the unique spelling of “hooves”. I suppose I could understand “hoofs” (pluralizing words ending in f could be tricky), but “huffs” is beyond me. 

Let’s all take a moment to think about why people should have to take a course on owning horses before they acquire one.

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