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I hope you’ve all checked out the No Hour Wasted Blog Hop, because it’s a good one!

Tell me about a challenge you set for yourself and accomplished, or set yourself a new challenge and keep us updated!

Confession: I’m not great at setting goals or challenges. I think this has to do with my inherently easygoing personality. I’m not motivated at the thought of achieving goals. I’m not good at planning. I don’t like feeling disappointed. I’m uncomfortable putting time constraints on things I would like to eventually accomplish. This is probably why I haven’t achieved very many exciting things in my lifetime; despite this dearth of deeds, I live a happy and fulfilled life. (I promise.)

Relive the glory days, Moe Moe!!
Relive the glory days, Moe Moe!!

However, my new trailer has me feeling motivated to do stuff! I’ve set a couple of goals for the horses:

  • Take Gina hunting at least 3 times this season (provided she doesn’t do something untoward at opening hunt)
  • Complete 3 recognized events with Moe in 2016 (as long he’s sound, happy, etc etc)

Those goals led to me setting one for myself, too:

  • Jog (very slowly) a whole 5K in 2015

I am a super slow jogger (we’re talking 13 minute miles here). Jogging isn’t an activity I relish; I actually kind of hate it. But Johnny (who is a superb goal-setter) has decided to run the Route 66 Half Marathon in November and I’d like to support him by doing the 5K.

This is my "Running is awful!" face.
This is my “Running is awful!” face.

The two of us recently joined the local health department’s free jogging group which meets twice a week at a great local park. Group workouts are very helpful for me; I love making new friends and don’t feel so bad when everyone else in my group is also running slowly. I have never jogged an entire 5K before- I’ve always taken walk breaks- so I’m excited to see if I can do this!

The OptimumTime watch makes a good jog tracker.
The OptimumTime watch makes a good jog tracker.

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12 thoughts on “No Hour Wasted Blog Hop: Challenge”

  1. You can totally do it! I hate running (seriously hate it) and I’ve survived 6 half marathons and I’m not sure how many 5K’s. I do occasionally take walk breaks, mostly just through the water stations, but hey, getting it done is getting it done!
    I used to blog about running quite a bit, but I’ve slacked off. I’m planning to start up again soon now that the weather is supposed to be cooling off.

  2. I used to hate it, but I’m loving the progress! I think your goal is great! That Johnny is doing to is even better. I always think of race houses when I’m losing motivation. They just don’t stop.

    Love the watch

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