Now That’s The Spot Blog Hop: What do you do outside of horses?

What a great topic for a blog hop! Now That’s The Spot asks us: What do you do outside of horses?

I’m pretty boring; my life is almost all horses, all the time. But when I’m not riding, you can find me…
  • Cooking: I love to cook and do so almost every night. I’m always hunting down new recipes and creating my own. In fact, I like cooking so much that I have a whole (infrequently updated) blog dedicated to it. It’s called Cooking For A Couple. I always mean to post more often, but somehow forget to.
  • Jogging: True story, I hate jogging. I am slow, I always get a stitch in my side, and I feel like dying around 5 minutes in. I run because it only costs me time and a quality pair of shoes, I can do it anywhere, and I like the t-shirts you get from 5Ks. I completed the timed Couch to 5K program earlier this year and just started the distance program in an effort to not feel like collapsing after 2.5 miles.
  • Gaming: Johnny bought a PS3 a few years ago and we’ve definitely gotten a lot of mileage out of it! I am a big fan of RPGs (my favorites are in the Elder Scrolls series) and racing games (DiRT series, WipEout HD). Oh, and Rock Band. I spent the better part of college perfecting my Rock Band skills.
  • Tulsa-ing: When I moved here, I thought Tulsa (and Oklahoma in general) were lame as hell. I still hate the wind and miss the trees and hills of Tennessee, but Tulsa’s pretty cool. On weekends, Johnny and I venture into the city for things like the zoo, aquarium, and various festivals. (Our favorites include Ribfest, Greekfest, and Oktoberfest.) If you’re ever in Tulsa, don’t miss Oral Roberts University’s crazy architecture, the Blue Whale of Route 66, and all the neat art deco buildings downtown!
Other than that, everything is horses! I love reading about what y’all do!

Author: Stephanie

Equestrian, amateur cook, people person.

9 thoughts on “Now That’s The Spot Blog Hop: What do you do outside of horses?”

  1. fun stuff! cooking is actually kind of a miracle to me – raw ingredients can become food i eat???? (yea i pretty much suck at it) so i'm always super impressed by folks who have skills in that department lol

    1. My parents were always of the "If you can read, you can cook" mindset and started me on making my own scrambled eggs and grilled cheeses pretty early on- I really got into in high school when they got divorced, though. Otherwise, I'd be eating PB&J for dinner because my dad worked nights!

  2. I was reading through your Cooking For A Couple recipes the other day. It's great since its just me and Hubs so finding meals that are just perfect for 2 is awesome. And mmmm….Ribs…

    Thanks for participating! 😀

    1. Awesome! That's the whole reason I started that blog- it's nigh on impossible to find recipes for two people!! Why does the internet think we're all feeding a family of 8?!

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