Pattern Saddle Cover Giveaway Winner + Life Update!

Congratulations to Sarah of Three Chestnuts– she’s the winner of the Bel Joeor Metier pattern saddle cover giveaway! Sarah, I’ll be in touch. Thanks to everyone who entered.

I’m headed to Harvard Fox Hound’s Hunting 101 clinic this weekend. For the last couple of years, I’ve given a talk on hunting apparel at this event. The format is different this year, though, so I think I’m only expected to dress in ratcatcher attire and bring some hacking jackets from work! The weather should be lovely- it finally cooled off here, so the weekend highs are going to be in the 60s. I don’t have much schoolwork, so I’m going to ride on Sunday- I’m really looking forward to it!

My horses are fat and happy heading into winter. Moe and Gina are shaggy, Candy is chubby, and the baby is going through a growth spurt. I refuse to spend lots of money on a blanket he’ll outgrow immediately, so he’s got a cheap sheet on the way through work. Pink is probably not his best color, but it’s on sale and the appropriate size.

Johnny and I have discussed some farm improvement projects we want to tackle this fall/winter. The biggest of these is fencing. The front pasture fence appears to be held up by weeds in certain spots. In addition to replacing the fence, we want to expand it into our yard as much as well can. (Less mowing! More grazing!) I want to build another small paddock for winter use, but the whole thing hinges on where the septic system’s sprinklers can be moved. We also want to build a fence between our place and my friend next door’s; my driveway has a gate, but it’s useless for loose horses because they can mosey to the neighbor’s and run into the street. Finally, we want to expand the paddock immediately behind our barn. If you have fencing recommendations, let me know!

Other projects on the list are mud management panel installation, new barn lighting, and spraying & fertilizing the front pasture. My front pasture held up very well this year after I rested it in the winter. All three (plus Madigan after he arrived) horses were turned out 24/7 from April to October without supplemental hay or grain. They’re now stuffed in the sacrifice paddock behind the barn and feeling kind of grumpy about it.

What are y’all up to this weekend? Whatever it is, I hope it’s great!

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5 thoughts on “Pattern Saddle Cover Giveaway Winner + Life Update!”

  1. haha hey they get whatever color we deem is best! And I’m totally with you, who needs a stinking lawn to care for when you have those natural lawnmowers standing around waiting to work on it!

  2. Having fat and happy horses going into winter is the best – and I agree, small blankets for growing babies is possibly the most annoying thing to purchase.

    We’re redoing our fencing (or we are 2/3 of the way done, I should say) from aged polyrope, and replaced it with a top line of 1.5″ tape and two strands of “poly wire” underneath, tee posts every 16′ and wood posts at the corners. The polywire is still a twisted rope/string like product, but seems snappable/unlikely to give rope burn should it get run into, and the tape is also a pretty breakable product. After Foxie’s fence accident, which included an impressive amount of rope burn, and Bailey going through the polyrope last winter and burning her blanket (luckily she had the blanket on, or that could have been horrible), I am not a fan of the rope. I feel like the tape is good for visibility, and has been easy to keep tight and tidy looking, even when it’s windy. I’ve never had the luxury of solid fencing, so my experience is all with electric options, but I am liking this one! It’s hot (note to self, don’t touch it with the weedwhacker) but easy maintenance so far and hasn’t caused any injuries. Both are easy to splice (one takes metal connectors, one knots together) so I anticipate they’ll be easy to repair should I need to – the rope is NOT an easy thing to repair or splice, at least for me.

  3. Fencing is the one thing I can’t seem to do right. So I’m going to offer zero advice and hope you find the best solution so I can steal your ideas!
    Sounds like you have a lot going on for the fall/winter! Sounds like the horses are doing great!

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