I consider the invention of the camera phone right up there with sliced bread. It’s terribly handy to have something so useful right there on a device that’s constantly by my side, especially when I’m at the barn. It seems the horses always have something going on worth snapping a picture of- they’re either looking super silly, super cute, or super regal. Here are some of my favorites.

Gina enjoying a roll.

Baby Mini (aka Lacey) about a day after she was born.

Mama Jazzy glares at me while Lacey gets a drink.

Moe, shortly after arriving in Oklahoma.

Cal (left) and Moe (right) beating the heat with a spray down.

Colter looking less like a goober, more like a real horse.

From a photo a day challenge: Somewhere I sat.

Moe and Cal: best friends!

One of the work horses, Roscoe, won’t let a little rain deter him from hay!

Another photo a day: Ring (D-ring counts, right?)

Cal checks out my dog Lucky wading in a mud hole.

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