Show season is on its summer hiatus, so I haven’t been doing much interesting work with Moe or Gina lately. The last few mornings I’ve ridden, I’ve spent more time grooming than riding. When I am riding, I’m not doing anything exciting.


I took Moe on a hack in the freshly cut hay meadow earlier this week; our friends Holly and Roscoe joined us. Moe was happy to be out and about. I’m taking the summer to remind him that he does know how to neck rein, despite his best attempts to convince me that he’s completely forgotten. My summer plans for him include lots of hacking and trail riding- I’m vainly hoping he’ll chill out enough for foxhunting this winter.


Gina returns to the vet on July 5 for her pregnancy check. She has no limitations or restrictions at this point, and my vet encouraged me to continue her normal routine. Like humans, horses who exercise through pregnancy handle the process better and give birth to healthier offspring. Gina is currently less fit than she was say, two months ago; I was busy prepping Moe for Willow Draw and the last few weeks have been hectic for me between hauling Gina to the vet constantly and organizing two competitors’ parties and a silent auction for the dressage club’s annual rated show. She’s been great the last few times I’ve ridden her, though. She’s been quiet and pleasant, and even her spooks have been pretty reasonable. (Although she reportedly pulled back and sat down in the crossties for no real reason before a lesson last week.)


While I enjoy having a competition or goal to focus on, it’s been nice to do some low-key piddling for the last couple of weeks. Plus, I have plenty of time to ogle adorable Sassy Bébé!


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  1. My BO bred her mare to Coronet Obolinsky and while she doesn’t have restrictions he did caution her not to ride the mare when it’s too hot or to get her too hot while riding as I guess that can cause a mare to lose the pregnancy?

  2. When you think about it, Sassy Bébé has pretty much been the focus of our recent riding activities. Without him, we’d just be sitting on our horses, staring into space, rather than just sitting on our horses, staring at an adorable colt. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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