Playing catch-up

My life has been go-go-go since I arrived home from World Cup! I spent most of the week post-World Cup in the office, catching up on what felt like a thousand things that were undone while I was out of the office and very busy for a week. I took Friday off to haul Gina down to the vet for a uterine culture; although she’s had a Caslick in since last year, my reproductive vet and I wanted to make sure there was nothing lurking in her uterus before breeding this year!

I signed up for a combined test the weekend following World Cup; it was held at Gallery Farm, where I’ve been several times before and always enjoyed. Moe and I laid down one of our best dressage tests ever, scoring a 30.22! The judge was fairly generous to everyone, so it’s not like we made astonishing progress since the last show, but every once in a while, it’s nice to not get dinged hard for having a horse that’s occasionally above the bit.

I felt confident about cross country, mostly because I’ve jumped this course a couple of times before and nothing on it is very scary. Moe felt like he was back to his usual self, which was a relief after the last show (where he trotted over a warm-up jump). He was confident over the warm-up jumps and I kept him walking while we waited to start. He blasted out of the start box like he was exiting the start gate at the Kentucky Derby and handily jumped the first four fences without issue. He was a little wiggly to a hogsback at five and tried to bolt afterward. I convinced him to trot for a few strides before unleashing him at jump six, a fully Novice-sized house. He jumped it easily and galloped on to the next fence, some telephone poles.

Jump eight proved to be our downfall, literally. It was a moderately sized coop, and we had a very bad, very long distance to it. I heard Moe hit it hard with a front hoof as he gamely attempted to jump it. He made it over, but stumbled badly on the other side, nearly falling. I pitched forward and clutched his neck, thinking I could save myself and stay on. Unfortunately, Moe lowered his head, and I gently somersaulted off. Neither of us were hurt (although I did lose my very favorite crop), though I was disappointed with our elimination.

I spent most of last week working a hunter/jumper show in Tulsa. It was supremely boring, but I was able to get home early enough one day to hack around on Gina. Gina was not amused with my attempt to play show-ring hunter, but she did jump a crossrail without being a jerk about it, so at least there’s that.

While I was at the show last week, Candy had a visit from our veterinarian who’s also a chiropractor. She was reportedly out in her poll, left hip, and in two spots in her lower back. However, her lower neck “felt great” and she has normal range of motion in her lower limbs. I haven’t had a chance to ride her since the adjustment, and I’m not expecting a miracle, but I am curious if I’ll see or feel a difference.

Johnny and I headed down to Texas over the weekend for a family event. It was my first horse-free weekend of the year, and I’ll admit it was kind of nice! We visited the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens and the Kimbell Art Museum, ate Mexican food, and had a very pleasant time.

Things don’t seem like they’ll slow down significantly until mid-May. I’m back at the hunter/jumper show this week, have Rolex next weekend, and will be working at a rated dressage show in Tulsa during the first weekend in May. I like being busy, but not so busy I can’t find time to ride!

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10 thoughts on “Playing catch-up”

  1. Ugh such a bummer about the spill. It happens tho. Seems like everything is busy busy right now, good luck with it all! I’ll be curious to hear how Candy feels after the body work!

  2. So sorry about the fall, especially after a great dressage ride. The start of the season can be so tough! Glad no one was hurt.
    You really are busy! So much travel! That’s the nice thing about older horses though (ok, not Candy). They can have a break and come back right where you left off.

    1. I also have the kids at the barn next door to keep Moe and Gina working while I’m gone! My neighbor was nice enough to ride Candy while I was in Omaha, so even she’s not too out of shape!

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