POLL: Why do people hate Olympic equestrian sports?


Another Olympics, another year of articles about why equestrian sports don’t belong in the Games. What is it that makes people so angry about horse sports, anyway? Weigh in on the poll and in the comments!

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6 thoughts on “POLL: Why do people hate Olympic equestrian sports?”

  1. Pretty sure its because most people don’t have exposure to horses and because it is an expensive sport they do not understand. Look at the division even within equestrian sports about OTHER equestrian sports and not understanding the scoring, the concepts, reasons or pricing!

  2. I do think it’s pretty difficult to understand what, exactly, is happening. I don’t know that much about dressage, and while I appreciate the sport a lot, I feel like even I could benefit from more explanation about the movements and what is good and/or bad about the rounds.

  3. I think most of it is that people just don’t understand what they’re looking at, which makes the sport seem inaccessible/elitist. I mean, it takes years of study for riders to understand what a good GP dressage test looks like! While most people have had personal experience playing other sports as kids or in school, riding is not as ubiquitous as, say, soccer or volleyball or even gymnastics, and that makes it uninteresting to the general public.

  4. I think at least with the jumping portions, it’s pretty easy to see “oh they knocked a jump down and that’s bad” but in dressage it’s much more difficult for someone to recognize when there’s an issue that gets someone dinged, or someone does something really well. Even a commentator during today’s dressage was surprised a few times by particularly low scores! But I also think that a lot of people don’t appreciate it as a sport because they don’t know the work that goes into it at all. I don’t understand scoring in Gymnastics, but I can appreciate how hard the tricks are and enjoy watching them tumbling and flipping. And it really helps when the commentator provides facts about the athlete or the move, etc.

  5. The general public probably would vote with “all of the above,”. The fact that they’ve seen royalty compete has many feeling it’s only for the wealthy perhaps.

  6. I think it boils down to lack of exposure. Finally this year they televised it during daytime hours, but it’s during work hours when many people aren’t able to be in front of a tv. There is not a single horse in any of NBC’s promos. There has been no mention of equestrian medals during the medal count discussions or recaps. A little attention to the sport would be a great starting point to bringing the equestrian events to the public.

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