Pony Express Blog Hop: Christmas List

Alanna over at Pony Express has a fun (and timely) blog hop! She asks, “What do you want for Christmas?”

Truthfully, I have everything I need. But that definitely isn’t fun, so let’s talk about want.

Working at a tack store means my days are filled with temptations. The store is full of marvelous things. I joke to my boss that I’d be happy getting paid in product. Here’s what’s on my wishlist (for Christmas or any other time)!

RJ Classics Prestige Collection Long Sleeve Pullover//I wore my regular old cotton shirt to schooling show championships and felt terrible. It’s hard to find shirts that are flattering and actually fit over my enormous bust, but this shirt is close-fitting without being clingy and weird. (And it snaps closed instead of buttoning!)

Lucky Braids gallon shampoo//If you aren’t using Lucky Braids, you need to be. The dry wash/whitening spray is amazing and from what I hear, so is this shampoo. I don’t really need more shampoo, because I’ve got at least half a bottle of Cowboy Magic, plus several half-full bottles of human shampoo I’ve rejected.

Kerrits Cross Over full seat breech//Let’s not talk about how unflattering my white breeches are. (I mean, do they look good on anyone?) These babies are made of a very cool (literally) fabric and are ultra-grippy- not to mention the gray contrast full seat makes them slimming. Because I do not need to look like a beached whale while performing a sitting trot.

Charles Owen Gr8 helmet//Look, I have two helmets: one for schooling, one for show. I don’t need another helmet. That doesn’t stop me from trying on COs and OneKs when I have some free time in a vain effort to find a helmet that doesn’t make me look totally weird.

Schockemรถhle Ashford Rolled Bridle//Moving right along to the “can’t even try to justify this one” category, let’s talk about bridles. I have a perfectly serviceable black dressage bridle for Gina. It’s even monogrammed. It fits my horse. It’s workmanlike. It’s functional. BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE ROLLED LEATHER AND SPARKLES, Y’ALL!

ELT dressage coat//I have a plain black wool show coat. I’ve worn it like, twice. I need to have the arms shortened, but other than that, it’s a totally fine coat for the dressage and show jumping phases of eventing, and I could probably even wear it hunting. But this coat…velvet collar! White piping! Silver buttons!

FeatherFlex girth//This, I can almost justify. My two leather girths are in good repair. They fit their respective horse fine. But Gina’s HDR girth is looking a little scruffy and no amount of cleaning seems to help. This FeatherFlex girth is super soft and cushy. I’m sure it will help her jump better, right?!

Neue Schule Team Up bit//Gina goes in a French link loose ring I bought for approximately $20 at Bit of Britain. It’s fine. She’s never once acted like it isn’t fine. But….the dressage trailer sells Neue Schule bits like they’re going out of style. I’ve never used a fancy bit and I’m dying of curiosity. Does it make a difference?!

Konig Favorite dress boot//This is how I can tell I’ve been hanging out with too many dressage queens lately. These boots retail for an ungodly amount. I don’t even really do dressage. My field boots are perfectly functional. BUT SPARKLES AND EXOTIC LEATHER AND MONOGRAM!!

I’m looking forward to seeing what’s on everyone else’s wishlist. Stuff for your precious pony pants? Stuff for yourself? Is your wishlist a wild, out of control fantasy like mine is?!

Author: Stephanie

Equestrian, amateur cook, people person.

21 thoughts on “Pony Express Blog Hop: Christmas List”

  1. Fab list!
    Roller leather, piping and sparkles…isn't that just Christmas?! Methinks your wishlist is perfectly justifiable and should be express delivered to the north pole โ˜บ

  2. awesome list!! i just ordered some full seat kerrits from TotD and am soooo excited for them to come home ๐Ÿ™‚ (not white tho – maybe one day!)

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