Pregnancy check

I hauled Gina down to the vet for her 16 day pregnancy check today, and you’ll all be pleased to know that Queen G is pregnant!


That, my friends, is an equine embryo! (It apparently looks all squashed because Gina kept pushing back against my vet while she was trying to get a good ultrasound picture.) The vet is happy with both the state of Gina’s corpus luteum and where the embryo has fixed. (It’s not near any of Gina’s cysts.)

Gina has been positively delightful lately; I’m inclined to think it’s due to the Caslick procedure rather than pregnancy. I imagine that persistent uterine infections and windsucking are uncomfortable! She’s less spooky, less reactive, and more forgiving under saddle. Johnny rode her in the indoor arena yesterday, and she was absolutely perfect. Gina was so good, in fact, that Johnny practiced changing directionsย at the trot. The man is going to be ready for Tokyo 2020 at this rate.

Gina will return to the vet in approximately two weeks for a heartbeat check, so keep crossing your crossables that everything continues to go well!

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    1. I mean, he’s on the right track. It’s only a been a year since he took up riding, and he’s already posting and changing directions!

  1. I really don’t get all that excited when my human friends are preggo, but I’m SUPER EXCITED that Gina is! Sounds like pregnancy agrees with her!

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