Pro photos from Willow Draw

I received my photos Willow Draw last night, and I’m absolutely jazzed to share them with you. The photos are by Terrie Hatcher Photography; Terrie had the proofs up very quickly and had the photos to me just a couple of days after my order!

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Now I kind of want to go to a jumper show this summer…

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46 thoughts on “Pro photos from Willow Draw”

  1. You both look like you’re having the absolute BEST TIME EVER! Do it! Come to the dark side of hunter/jumper land! We’re fun people… no actually, lots of us are jerks… but some of us are fun!

    1. We were certainly having a great time!! I used to take Moe to jumper shows a zillion years ago, so perhaps we’ll make our triumphant return to that arena. 😛 (And really, any excuse to break out my green jacket…)

  2. you guys look fantastic – definitely making it look easy!! he’s soaring over those jumps like NBD, i esp love that big ol’ oxer with the extra faux rocks in front of it haha! oh Moe, how i love thee!! 😀

    1. Haha that was a jump past the point where I gave up trudging through the slop in the arena during the course walk. I didn’t even notice it had the little mountains until I was approaching it. I thought “well I hope Moe doesn’t care about these!” Power of positive thinking??

      He is a fun jumper and very confidence instilling. You can come ride him any time!

  3. You guys look great, especially considering that you haven’t done this in quite a while! Moe looks completely unphased and delighted to be doing his job.

    1. Johnny commented during that course walk that he thought it was a nice detail that the pitcher was filled; I informed it that was so it wouldn’t blow away LOL

    1. The last one was definitely the widest on the course- we got a VERY long approach to it, which explains the rictus of terror on my face haha

  4. That blue looks so good on you both, especially through the matching blue jump! You guys look awesome and like you’re both having SO MUCH fun! And I dig your shades :0)

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