Product review: updates!

I’ve reviewed several products on this blog over the years, and it’s time to check back in with some of them to see how they’re holding up a years later!

First up: Two Horse Tack turnout halter. Candy’s brightly colored beta biothane halter was first reviewed around this time last year. At the time, I was impressed with the color, feel, and fit of the halter. A year later, that’s still true! Candy broke the crown piece during a hysterical “I-can’t-see-Gina” meltdown in the crossties; I ordered a replacement from Two Horse Tack and it arrived in short order. The halter is as bright and supple as ever. I’m so pleased with it that I ordered a halter for Gina’s baby at the same time I ordered the replacement crown.

Next in line: Horze Grand Prix breeches. These gray breeches were first reviewed in 2015, and they’re still in my breech rotation today. They haven’t pilled, faded, or stretched. Horze has updated the Grand Prix since I purchased my pair. Today, they’re available in silicone or leather knee patch and feature an elastic leg bottom.

I featured the One K Defender in a mini-review post in 2016, and I’m still using it today as my everything-but-foxhunting helmet. The removable liner is one of my favorite features- I sweat a lot during the summer, and I like being able to remove the liner and wash it. My helmet has an ultra cool built-in sun visor (which almost all of my friends tease me about), which I love. Unfortunately, One K hasn’t revived this style despite rumors to the contrary. It will be a sad day when I have to retire this helmet!

Super cool sunglasses look good over baby jumps

Another product reviewed in a mini-review post is the Toklat T3 Matrix CoolBack Half Pad with Pro-Impact Inserts. This half pad is still going strong nearly three years after I bought it! It’s my go-to half pad for both my dressage and jumping saddles, and all of the horses seem to like it. My saddle fitter likes it, too. I’ve washed it once; it washed up about as well as any white pad does.

I didn’t realize how long I’ve had some of these items until I looked back at their original posts! I’m glad they’ve held up so well over the years.

What are some of your favorite long-lasting products?

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4 thoughts on “Product review: updates!”

  1. I was devastated when I fell off and heard my One K helmet with the sunglasses go crunch. I don’t ride outside as much these days, so I don’t miss it, but man, I liked that helmet!

  2. I love that you do long-term follow-ups on products! I’m terrible about reviewing stuff on my blog, but it is so much more helpful to know how stuff lasts for years rather than how someone likes something after a month or so. Thanks for this!

  3. Thanks for the follow up! And while it may seem weird, I’m actually happy to hear the crown piece broke on the halter. I was wondering if they were safe that way, so good to know!
    I have a (ok 3) One K helmets, and I really like them! Great airflow and the fit is also excellent for me. I’ve heard rumors that they’re actually made in the same factory as Samshield.

  4. That’s nice that the halter stays bright. I have an expensive embroidered halter for Hot Rod and it’s more grey than navy 🙁

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